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The Raetian Limes functioned as a Roman border between about AD 100 and 260. In its last construction phase it consisted of a roughly 3 metre high stone wall with several passageways and stone watchtowers.
There are many locations in the Region of Hesselberg where it is worthwhile to look for the Limes. For example, at the outskirts of Mönchsroth (going towards Wilburgstetten) signs lead to a partially reconstructed Limes tower. Between Wilburgstetten and Weiltingen, the Limes can be recognized as a hill in the woods. In the woods at Dühren (community of Wittelshofen), about 150 metres north of the parking area by the street from Grüb to Ammelbruch, you can find a stone watchtower that has been rebuilt to a height of one metre. Before this, the Limes bends towards the east, thus incorporating Hesselberg mountain in Roman territory.
Furthermore, in the Limes communities around the Hesselberg, many information points and new signboards provide visitors with relevant information about their current location at the Limes.











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