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Roman Park Ruffenhofen is located between the Romantic Road and the new Franconian Lake District.

It is located between the communities of Gerolfingen, Wittelshofen and Markt Weiltingen.

Signs are posted on the Staatsstraße from Dinkelsbühl to Wassertrüdingen
and along the B25 by Wilburgstetten.

The LIMESEUM and Roman Park can best be reached by car.
For those coming by public transportation, information is provided at  (Exit at Wittelshofen station, then walk along Hauptstraße towards the town centre. Turn left into Wörnitzstraße and continue until you have left the town. From here, there are signposts for the LIMESEUM and Roman Park. You should plan approximately 30 minutes for the walk from the station.



Planning your route:

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GPS-data for hikers and cyclists are now available for the entire Limes and can be downloaded from the Deutsche Limesstraße website:

You can find the bicycle tour to the LIMESEUM here:
enter Start: Wittelshofen
enter Name: LIMESEUM

For cyclists with e-bikes, the LIMESEUM provides a charging station through the initiative Stromtreter:

Site Plan  LIMESEUM Ruffenhofen as a PDF file





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