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  • Saturday, 23. October 2021


Ruffenhofen Roman Park is situated in a lovely countryside surrounded by nature. The park has taken advantage of this aspect by including natural elements in its design concept.
The sustainable use of the land and the choice of local vegetation to visualize the structures have over time transformed this archaeotope into a biotope as well. A wide variety of animal and plant species have established themselves here. Piles of dead wood and stones provide shelter, as does the "insect hotel" in the "nature conservation corner".
In the near future, we plan to supplement the archaeological tours with nature tours that will expand upon the current signs identifying trees and bushes.
Another milestone in our future will be the garden show "Kleine Landesgartenschau" in 2019 in Wassertrüdingen. The Roman Park will participate in the show as an outstation.












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